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"I’m very lucky.

I'm very lucky for a number of reasons.

Mostly because I love my job.

     Somewhere between the words on the page and the creative, collaborative problem solving, art is born. I imagine that turning blank canvases into individual characters will always be my favorite form of storytelling. From tours to cruises to award shows, each project brings unique opportunities to paint a broad scale picture and to finesse minutia. The little things are what make us real and consequently they’re also what bring our characters to life. The finishing touches are key; it feels like the characters aren’t actually living until these are added. Details breathe life into them, which is why it will always be one of my favorite parts of costume design; turning characters into real individuals.

So I’m very lucky.

I'm very lucky for a number of reasons.

But mostly because I love my job."

     Nicole's work can be seen in various spaces around New York, on Tour, and at Sea. She earned her MFA in Costume Design from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and a BA from Indiana University. Nicole is always looking for new, fun opportunities in costuming and adventures in travel. In her free time, Nicole travels, hikes, and is never far from a good book. 

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